Standards of business conduct

It’s essential for us to conduct business with a high level of integrity in all our interactions. In an evolving and ever challenging commercial and regulatory and compliance environment, we want to be prepared to adapt the way we work to ensure that we always conduct business in the most appropriate, ethical and transparent way.

Our Code of Business Ethics

Our New Arcwide Code of Business Ethics provides an overview of our commitment by defining our standards of ethical behavior and fiduciary responsibilities.

UN Global Compact and Human Rights

We are proud to be a signatory of the UNGC since Sept 2019* and will work hard to ensure we live up to the promises we have made in working towards its 10 principles. Through our global network we are working proactively and jointly with other stakeholders to address the ever-increasing global challenges in relation to environment, social responsibility, human rights and business ethics in general.

Our Business Conduct Office

We have established a Business Conduct Office (BCO) to assist management and our employees in maintaining our firm’s focus on integrity and fiduciary responsibilities. Our BCO can be reached by email at

*Arcwide B.V. and its subsidiaries are part of the BearingPoint Group of associated companies. It is a joint venture between BearingPoint and IFS. The BearingPoint Code of Business Ethics also applies to the Arcwide Group of Companies.

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