Silico and Arcwide partner to deliver digital twins of entire businesses

Companies sign an agreement to optimize business transformation through process simulation

Press release

18th of January, Düsseldorf, GermanyArcwide, a global IFS Cloud services provider, and Silico, the business process simulation platform, today announce a strategic partnership to optimize decision-making. The partnership formalizes the integration of Silico’s business process simulation (BPS) software with Arcwide’s cloud technology services, enabling the creation of digital twins of entire enterprises to help and optimize business transformations.

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Established by BearingPoint and IFS, Arcwide brings together professional business services, IFS Cloud technology and innovation. Silico’s BPS platform allows Arcwide to create digital replicas of individual business processes to test the efficiency of potential ERP transformations. These digital replicas can then be linked together to form a digital twin of a whole organization. This enables corporate users to simulate the outcome of different process variants and ERP transformation initiatives across the enterprise and optimize the decision-making process, helping organizations to understand the potential impact of their business transformation.

With this partnership, enterprises will be able to:                                                                 

  • Visualize analytics to monitor processes and foresee problems before they occur to enable proactive intervention, continuous planning, and the real-time monitoring of performance against projections.
  • Simulate business resources to generate forward-looking analytics through AI-powered ‘what if’ scenarios that demonstrate the impact of changes to individual processes on the organization. These changes can then be enacted via control automation.
  • Provide iterative value over time. Modelling is more efficient than waiting for the outcomes of a completed project or process re-design.

Companies will see numerous benefits as a result of creating a digital twin of the enterprise, such as increased speed, frequency and complexity of scenario planning and enhanced alignment between commercial decisions and financial objectives. This is made possible through the ability to see real-time data and metrics in a model-based view, with the capability to compare any number of transformation initiatives and discover the optimal setting.

Different ERP systems can have varying impacts on KPIs such as FTE requirements, processing lead times, revenue, as well as supply chain security. However, quantifying these impacts ahead of implementation has proven difficult, leading to sub-optimal choices. With Silico, Arcwide can now make evidence-based decisions on ERP transformations with their customers.

The benefits of using Silico for your business transformation:

  • Determine or demonstrate the need for a business transformation
  • Model exactly how different process designs & ERP transformations impact KPIs
  • Monitor implementation and course correct where needed

Arcwide’s unique expertise in IFS transformations combined with Silico’s Business Process Simulation platform unlocks bespoke ERP transformations tailored to deliver the best outcomes to our joint customers based on insights from a digital twin of the enterprise. With Silico, Arcwide is able to better design, monitor and implement ERP transformations to achieve better outcomes for the customer.

—John Hill, CEO, Silico

We are delighted to agree on a partnership with Silico and look forward to providing our customers with an enhanced service offering in the delivery of business transformations. With Silico we have gained a strong partner for business process simulation, who can build end-to-end digital twins of business processes to increase efficiencies, optimize processes, and simulate business outcomes into the future.

—Dr. Philipp Fahr, Regional Lead GSA, Arcwide

About Silico

Silico envisions a world where every decision is simulated, prior to being made in the real world. Silico is the leading provider of process simulation software, working with enterprises from any sector to transform their decision-making. Our SaaS software allows you to build a digital twin of your enterprise (DTE) to monitor your business, forecast its future state, and simulate the impact of decisions into the future.                               

About Arcwide

Arcwide is a joint venture and combines world-class business technology consultancy with the best-in-class cloud technology and innovation of IFS. Arcwide has a unique business transformation proposition: uniting technology innovation and professional services to help companies accelerate value realization with IFS Cloud. We deliver a truly end-to-end transformation service which includes pre-deployment scoping and business readiness, plus systems implementation and ongoing managed services.                           

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