Arcwide is now live


The Arcwide team are thrilled to announce that our new business is now live. A lot of investment, strategic thinking and hard work has gone into putting Arcwide together, and we’re delighted to be up and running.

Arcwide is a joint venture that brings together the professional business services expertise of BearingPoint with the cutting-edge cloud technology of IFS. We’re employing a hybrid operating methodology to create what we believe is a unique business transformation proposition.

A unique service offering

The first phase of our operations sees Arcwide serving our customers in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK. We’re providing IFS Cloud deployment and professional and technology services to business leaders across a broad spectrum of industry sectors. We’re delivering a single unified experience to customers from the point of purchase of IFS Cloud through to the identification and realization of value, solving complex business challenges for decision-makers accountable for their business’ growth.

Our services include value assessment, scoping and deployment and managed services, along with activity associated with business transformation such as training and change management.

Building on world-class pedigree

Arcwide is a continuation of BearingPoint’s and IFS’s respective strategies: accelerating time to value and delivering great experiences. Our new customers can be confident that Arcwide will build partnerships with them that are every bit as strong as the ones they have shared with BearingPoint and IFS.

Arcwide has an established business that we're already delivering to our customers. We’re leveraging the experience and knowledge we have at BearingPoint and IFS to grow and build our momentum. Our customers benefit from the pedigree and global reach that both BearingPoint and IFS bring, as well as our deep industry expertise.

An essential point of difference

Arcwide has a critical point of difference compared to other companies in the field. The single unified experience we provide spans the entire customer lifecycle with IFS Cloud. This enables us to build trust over time, ensuring continuity and creating greater value with every release.

Measuring our success

The most important way that we’ll measure the success of Arcwide is in the reactions of our customers. Arcwide will deliver very significant business value through our combination of professional services and cloud expertise. We also want our people to be happy and challenged in their work, and to know that they’re adding real value to our customers.

A huge milestone

Launching Arcwide is a major milestone for us all. Our new venture resets expectations of what business value means, and cements the vision we have together for technology-enabled business transformation. We work hand-in-hand with our customers, combining their specific business expertise with our own unique technology and services value proposition.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about Arcwide and the world-leading services we provide, get in touch with us today.

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