Scoping and Business Value Assessment (BVA)

Modernizing, rationalizing, or harmonizing your processes has the potential to create meaningful change for your business. But without first finding the right path, you could simply replace one tool with another and not deliver legitimate transformation. However, you can champion real business value and a system that truly meets your strategic needs with careful planning.

Clear direction, trackable value

Working with Arcwide to scope and understand the project's business value will help you build a platform for success - before, during, and after implementation.

Working in partnership, we will build a roadmap for the project, setting out the timescales, costs, milestones, and outputs – but maintaining the flexibility to correct course as required. In addition, we'll carry out a scoping exercise to clarify where processes should be re-engineered for maximum business value.

We'll provide a high-level Business Process Master List (BPML) and a complete financial business case. This means you can identify projected KPI improvements to understand and track the ongoing value of your investment. What's more, you'll gain visibility into the change management you need for employees to be engaged and ready from the go-live on day one.

A secured future

By collaborating on a project roadmap and business value, we can:

  • Improve your decision-making and planning
  • Enhance agility throughout the project
  • Create safeguards for delivering your project on time, on budget, and in scope
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