Arcwide launches the implementation of IFS Cloud at the SPINNER Group

Munich, June 25, 2024 - Arcwide Germany GmbH has won the SPINNER Group as a new customer for the ERP solution IFS Cloud and is starting with the introduction of the software in all SPINNER's national companies. SPINNER, the world's leading provider of high-frequency technology, plans to implement the IFS Cloud solution for 480 users (and 120 limited users) within its 900-strong organization.

Customized IFS Cloud solution for complex requirements
SPINNER's decision in favor of Arcwide and IFS Cloud is based on the solution's comprehensive functionality, flexibility and scalability. IFS Cloud will cover all the company's core processes. Arcwide will customize the ERP solution to SPINNER's specific requirements to ensure maximum support for the company's internal processes. 

Strategic decision for the Arcwide team
SPINNER chose Arcwide and Uwe Kutschenreiter's team because of their in-depth expertise and understanding of the specific needs of the manufacturing industry. The Arcwide team's many years of experience and proven track record in the field of ERP implementation were convincing. SPINNER also appreciated Arcwide's close collaboration and ability to deliver customized solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing business processes. This gave SPINNER the confidence that the implementation of the IFS Cloud solution would not only meet current requirements, but also support future developments and growth objectives. 

SPINNER X Arcwide (from left to right): Siegfried Schwarz (SPINNER), Dr. Philipp Fahr (Arcwide), Katharina König (SPINNER), Uwe Kutschenreiter (Arcwide), Torsten Smyk (SPINNER), Tobias Eggert (SPINNER)

SPINNER X Arcwide: (from left to right) Siegfried Schwarz (SPINNER), Dr. Philipp Fahr (Arcwide), Katharina König (SPINNER), Uwe Kutschenreiter (Arcwide), Torsten Smyk (SPINNER), Tobias Eggert (SPINNER)

We carried out a very detailed analysis of the providers in question. We quickly realized that with some other global providers, we had the problem of no longer being able to differentiate ourselves through our processes, because these software solutions - especially in the cloud - virtually predetermine them. In addition to technical expertise, however, it is precisely this process knowledge that sets us apart from other companies. That's why, in addition to Arcwide as a partner that can support us worldwide, we also opted for IFS. Here we have best practices on the one hand and the necessary flexibility that we need on the other.

—Katharina König, Managing Director at SPINNER

We are very pleased that the SPINNER Group was not only looking for a partner with the right industry knowledge, size and global presence, but above all with the aspiration of a long-term partnership. SPINNER is a renowned company with high standards of quality and efficiency. We at Arcwide underline exactly this claim and welcome them to the Arcwide family!

—Uwe Kutschenreiter, Head of Sales Germany & Austria at Arcwide

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The SPINNER Group, headquartered in Munich and with production facilities in Germany, Hungary and China, employs 900 people worldwide. The company has been setting standards in high-frequency technology for over 75 years and offers its customers innovative products and solutions for the telecommunications, broadcasting, aerospace and industrial sectors.

About Arcwide

Arcwide, a joint venture between BearingPoint and IFS, is an IFS Platinum Partner and the only provider of IFS-only solutions in the world. With innovative and practical solutions, Arcwide supports companies in optimizing their processes and strengthening their competitiveness. The company employs over 480 people worldwide and has 29 offices in 16 countries.

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