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  • Date: 14-02-2024 – 17-06-2024
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accelerate ambition

How does Arcwide accelerate ambition? By being 100% focused on realizing value in your business, fast.

We’re different to other IFS consultancies. Our outlook is entrepreneurial, putting your commercial success first. We offer a full end-to-end turnkey solution that helps you transform your business model and identify new, profitable revenue streams. And with a unified business and technology approach, we help you define your strategy as well as delivering full implementation and change management.

Our premium partner status with IFS allows us to innovate and develop the IFS solutions that will be right for you.

IFS Unleashed, through the eyes and ears of a Diamond Sponsor

We had a fantastic week at IFS Unleashed, a truly unmissable global event that kick-starts inspiration. If you want to see what global leaders and innovators are doing with cloud technology… this is the place to be.

In case you couldn’t make it, or wish to re-cap, this blog shares all the details. Keep reading to see how we made waves as Diamond Sponsor.

First impressions matter

After months of hard work, Arcwide is here. And, despite our team’s vast experience – as a brand, we’ve only just arrived on the scene. This is why making a fantastic first impression was a key part of this event. We wanted everyone in attendance to know who Arcwide was, what we do, and exactly how we do it. Months of planning had gone into making sure everyone felt our branding, content, and presence at the event.

Spirits were high after the first ‘partner summit’ day, where we were announced as Growth Partner of the Year, 2022. This is a huge testament to our shared hard work and commitment. After only 7 months, it’s clear that IFS truly value our unique partnership as much as we do.

Arcwide’s COO Andy Green  took to the bright pink branded stage to give IFS Unleashed attendees an introduction to our equally distinctive proposition. “We want to accelerate ambition and make digital transformation happen, faster”.  Andy also shared Arcwide’s expansion into the US, with the first offices opening in Chicago next month. The excitement about our emerging, yet powerful brand was easy to see, and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick-start our presence at IFS Unleashed.

Stéphane Devaux and Dr. Philipp Fahr followed up Andy’s engaging introduction in a separate keynote. They shared in greater detail the expansive footprint in the marketplace, inspiring case studies and the importance of identifying transformation benefits for customers from start to end.

What’s new in the world of IFS?

Of course, Arcwide was only one part of the huge event. It was equally exciting to see what our partner, IFS, has in store for the future. CEO Darren Roos first shared some of the reasons IFS exists, and how it differs from competitors. Using the tagline ‘Moments of Service’, Darren and Service Management President Marne Martin  showcased success stories from customers across multiple verticals. Here, it’s clear that Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Asset Management, and Field Service Management are key to business success. Not only that, but a composable approach is vital to enterprises if they are to create value by unleashing their full potential. This is how we deliver world-class customer experiences with standardization and simplicity for employees. All while proactively maintaining and managing assets. A composable architecture can handle the challenges of change.

We also heard from motivational speakers throughout the event. They each shared how they overcame challenges in their personal life to achieve stand-out success. This included 23-time Olympic Gold Medallist Michael Phelps, decorated CrossFit athlete Tia-Clair Toomey, and US golfing legend Jim Furyk.

You couldn’t miss us

Throughout the event, Arcwide was exactly where we wanted to be - which was everywhere. Attendees would struggle to miss us right from entry to exit. Our branded pedicabs offered sweet relief from the Miami sun, and the goody bags were equally generous. Every moment with Arcwide was steered to be memorable. We even welcomed local Miami artist, Rei Ramirez, to create a mural that illustrated words from attendees representing their business ambition, with tech prizes to be won for the most inspiring thoughts. The finished mural now resides in our office in Paris. And no one could forget the connected on-site turbines and special shoutout from engaging host Vusi Thembekwayo .

… and the numbers prove it

After three days at the global event, we knew we had got something very right. The team gathered for a quick check-in to share the opportunities already presented to Arcwide. We were all thankful for our new Chicago office opening next month, due to US potential at the event too.

We didn’t just take over the physical event either. The digital presence was felt by all as we fed geo-targeted content to devices in and around the venue. We also posted regular updates on our social media channels, to make our followers feel connected to the global event.

You can also download our speaker presentations here.

Accelerating ambition at IFS Unleashed 2022

How Arcwide made waves in the world of IFS this year

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Arcwide’s speaker presentations from IFS Unleashed 2022

The presentations we delivered at the 2022 IFS Unleashed event are available to download.

  • A demonstration of ways that utility companies can manage and optimise performance of wind turbines and other power sources
  • Examining the ways that companies can reduce time to value by accessing the right consulting partner skills
  • An introduction to Arcwide
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